Together we can do more

Each one of us is the best in what he does. And when we add our energy, our experiences and our human touch to what we do, we are in great advantage over other marketing agencies. Hiring us for spreading your voice and for making your company stand out will definitely be one of the best decisions you ever made. Our best advantage? A personal approach to our clients and the media. We do care and we are really looking forward to hear from you!

Kamenko Kesar
Owner & Marketing Stategist

With his marketing experience, Kamenko was leading MarCom team when launching Slovenian mobile giant Simobil and also was leading the team that successfully set their customer loyalty program. Kamenko is regularly invited to set up and lead marketing teams for both domestic and international companies such as Microsoft, Outfit7, and Ineor among others. With his exceptional creativity, professionalism, the ability of strategic planning and human touch, he understands and successfully fulfils the requirements and needs of our clients. Looking for someone who makes your marketing work well? Kamenko is the one.

Alenka Kesar
Event Moderator & Storyteller

Alenka is among the most recognisable faces in Slovenia. At the commercial television news show 24 hours she managed and edited the health section Vizita for 17 years. Vizita became one of the most watched sections on all Slovenian television stations. She is an experienced journalist with a strong sense for the people. Even today, people recognise her as “that doctor from the television.” She is the best at (and enjoys the most) moderating events and press conferences. She is always friendly, funny and ready to help. And above all, she is always looking for good stories.

Sanja Macur
Public Relations Director & Event Moderator

Sanja is an experienced TV, online and print author with 15 years of experiences in publishing. She has been a TV journalist and host, an online editor and an online & social media traffic consultant. She has strong media and communication professional skills. Your stories will be beautifully written and heard. She also hosts Adrema’s events and always wins over the audience with her professional attitude and relaxed personality.

Maja Babić
Digital Marketing Manager

Maja is an experienced digital marketing manager. During her career she has managed several websites, social media accounts and her own online store. She has accumulated a great deal of advertising know-how by managing Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. She also has excellent writing skills and effectively communicates with each brand's message, and is able to extract value from reporting tools. She will be implementing your digital marketing campaign flawlessly, and put her best foot forward when promoting your brand, your products and services.